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Code: EL-6

Name: E light beauty machine


1. Professional 5MHz RF anti-aging technology

2. Different wavelength of filters equipped, make the treatment more targeted and accurate

3. Modularized assembling, strong stability

4. Fully intelligent detecting system, avoid device damage caused by improper handling

5. 8" inch True Color Screen, functionalized designing menu, visual and easy handling

6.Bran-new cooling system, super water cooling supplying for continuous working

 IPL Energy: 0-50J/CM2

RF Energy: 5MHz

Spectra: 430-1200nm,560-1200nm,



               690-1200nm (optional )

Spot Size: 8×40mm (standard);

                 15×50mm (optional )

Input Voltage:110V±10%50Hz-60Hz;220V±10%50Hz-60Hz




1. Smooth wrinkles, face lifting
2. Deep flecks, epidermis flecks or pigment treating the telangiectasis
3. Promote collagen to grow, strengthen flexibility of skin
4. Acne treatment
5. Shrink the thick pore
6. Removal light-colored or dark and thick extra hair

Treatment Theory:
It combines the advantages of the technology of Bi-polar Radio Frequency and broad spectrum light energies, applying the conditions that the skin absorbs the light energy selectively and resists differently, on the conditions of low intensity of light energy, causing the absorption of the radio frequency. In this case , the possible side-effects such as blister, pigment imperturbation and blacken can be avoided maximumly, which makes the patients feel more comfortable during the operation. By the difference of skin impedance, control RF by specific targeting areas, the RF power can penetrates 15mm depth in skin, promote the RF transmission remain a low light energy and assures patients safety and increase patient comfort.

1. Highly efficient and comfortable: remove large area pigment without side effects and scar, high efficiency, short time.
2. Safeties and no wound: our advanced e-light technology has radically solved hidden problems in safety instead of old e-light technology; Remove the patient’s uncomfortable in the treatment.
3. Easy to use: direct viewing display screen to understand easily, control, easily, and simple training. Highly performance: humanization deigns of optical hand to stand up and reliable, assure to light 50 thousand without replace. 

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