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Code: EA-1

Name: Human-body Elements Analyse Instrument


Voltage: AC90-265V.
Controller: 320x240 digital screen in chinese and english
Testing weight range: 10-200 Kg.
Size: 50.4x81.8x116.5cm
Weight: 40 Kg.


Human-body Elements Analyse Instrument applies multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance test Principle
using 8 points touching the electrode method to test impendance and composition of the elements in all parts of the human body
including the health situation analysis (including:weight, protein, fat, water, abio-salf, waist-hip ratio, etc.)
It can provide scientific data for weight control, diet, slimming, muscle training, nutrition balance and diagnosis of diseases and etc.
The instrument has the functions of body composition analysis, muscle-fat analysis obesity analysis and health assessment.


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